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Flex MBA

  • The SBS Flex MBA is a part-time program developed to provide students with a special set of skills, and expertise in the field of International Management. In today's dynamic marketplace, successful working professionals must be innovative and entrepreneurial, combining a general knowledge of business functions with specific skills in their area of responsibility. The Flex MBA program allows students to keep their full time job while studying, and lets them apply the knowledge directly in the workplace.

    The courses are held once a month on campus; on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 09:00 - 18:00. This gives the participants the opportunity to meet with the lecturer and their classmates.

    The final degree will be awarded by SBS Swiss Business School upon completion of the Flex MBA program.

    Flex MBA at a glance

    • Part-time program
    • 15 Modules
    • International Management Major
    • Once a month on campus lectures -  Friday to Sunday 
    • 15 months completion period
    • Ongoing Enrollment

    *For details consult our MBA Brochure below.

    Success Stories

    • Bjarke Braendgaard In order to successfully operate in a complex world, you need a solid foundation of knowledge in various fields. With a MBA from SBS Swiss Business School your business understanding gets developed, so you are ready to take up new challenges. SBS Swiss Business School is truly international which gives an interesting learn environment, were things can be seen from different perspectives. I enjoyed the structure of the MBA, were class room education is concentrated around one weekend each Month. This setup gives you the flexibility you need when you take the MBA in parallel with your professional job. Bjarke Braendgaard Manager Operational Excellence, Gate Gourmet
    • Viktor Jasansky Studying the MBA at SBS enables me to complement my hands-on professional experience with latest ideas from the academia. The professors use a pragmatic approach to learning, by supporting real-life business cases with theory. Such approach, combined with cultural and professional diversity among students, allows us to have creative discussions and come up with unique solutions to business problems and professional dilemmas we face. This is exactly what I wanted to experience in order to advance my career. Viktor Jasansky Business Controller at ABB
    • Dana Daneshvari As a global technical owner of 3 commercial Biotechnological products, leading local and global teams to successful product life cycle at Johnson & Johnson, world’s biggest health care company, the MBA at SBS Swiss Business School provided me with necessary skills to develop a solid understanding of the managerial and financial aspects of the business as well. The Flex MBA program allowed me to maintain my full-time position at J&J while learning valuable subjects such as Economics, Financial Management, Managerial Accounting, Operations Management, International Finance & Banking, Marketing Management, and Business Value & Ethics. Thanks to excellent Professors & staffs, great organization of courses, and diverse classmates, the whole experience at SBS was a joy and something to remember. Dana Daneshvari Drug Product Technical Owner in Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
    • Casper van der Elst I am impressed by my own development while attending the Flex MBA at SBS. Many of the lessons learned could be used directly in business. I like the monthly modular cycles, where the schedule enables me to be flexible, intensively study a subject, finish it and focus on the next subject. It's also great for networking. Casper van der Elst Senior Associate at Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd
    • Emiliano BurgosOur Professors and Administrative Staff was always there to support us when needed, with feedback, suggestions, instructions and guidelines that helped me develop confidence and move forward with the topic of my Thesis and successfully obtain my MBA qualification. I can only recommend SBS Swiss Business School for any serious professional who is looking forward to take on the challenge to learn, make an effort, share knowledge, grow and succeed with business and management careers.

      Emiliano Burgos Hub BU-Service Manager in Process Industry local business unit of ABB Switzerland Ltd.
    • Sreelatha Kanvey The program has given me a valuable experience working through real life business. The SBS MBA has helped me to achieve a vast knowledge on various business traits. Every class session is challenging, it promotes critical thinking and provides the students every opportunity to build a robust skill-set applicable to different business divisions. The program has given me a great deal of confidence and has honed my skill-set helping me to develop myself not only in my professional career but on a personal level as well.

      Sreelatha Kanvey Flex-MBA
    • Natasha Glodek Considering the international diversity of my class, the nature of the discussions has been positively different as compared to those during undergraduate studies. Moreover, given the increasingly interconnected business world in which we live, I feel that I have gained a more insightful holistic perspective regarding how I approach business decisions. While the sense of peer camaraderie cannot be beat, SBS has provided an open place to not only share thought-provoking input, but also invaluable personal business experiences. Natasha Glodek Flex-MBA
    • Vincenzo Russo SBS offered me all the tools I needed to remain successful in my career, especially in times of change.
      The excellent combination of finance, strategy, marketing, legal and leadership modules allowed me to achieve a sense of confidence, which made me feel at ease in every situation. Vincenzo Russo Flex-MBA
    • Kristina Møller Christensen When I recently applied for a new job (in a new company and outside of supply chain) I was asked to give a presentation at the second interview. I presented on my thesis topic from the Flex MBA – they were fascinated by the topic, saying that it was very much in line with what they worked with, and I got the job. Kristina Møller Christensen Flex-MBA
    • Sophie Rouvenaz In today's dynamic marketplace, successful managers must be innovative and entrepreneurial, combining an academic knowledge of business functions with specific skills and experience in their areas of responsibility. The SBS Flex MBA provided me with this expertise. These studies gave me the opportunity to realize my own entrepreneurial project thanks to the analyses I learned, multicultural exchanges at SBS and an uninterrupted professional experience.

      Sophie Rouvenaz Flex-MBA
    • Gustavo Steffens Attending the Flex MBA program at SBS School has been one of the most important personal decisions I have ever made. The Flex MBA allows the perfect combination between practical experience and theoretical background.  One of the program`s most noticeable traits is the participants` broad international and professional background.  After having attended the program I feel much more confident by taking decisions at work. This experience has made me grow both in personal and professional sense.

      Gustavo Steffens Flex MBA
    • Kevin Crowe I have found the MBA program at SBS Swiss Business School to be both challenging and rewarding. Its relevancy and practical approach to complex business situations, in a global context, is very valuable. I am confident that the knowledge and leadership skills gained through this MBA program will serve me well in my future business endeavours. Kevin Crowe Flex-MBA
    • Flavio Macorig The Flex-MBA program allowed me to maintain a full-time position in my company while having the opportunity to learn, practice and improve my skills in a wide range of topics needed to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. Flavio Macorig Flex-MBA
    • Jesper Egebjerg Joining the SBS Swiss Business School’s Flex MBA program has been a unique and challenging learning experience. I have gained a practical and useful management perspective on current developments and techniques. I particularly enjoyed the real case study approach and the diversification in subjects, as well as the multicultural environment. The flexibility of the program was outstanding and allowed me to study with a healthy work-life balance. I am confident of a high return on my investment.

      Jesper Egebjerg Flex MBA
    • Ekaterina Van Hussen Since the very beginning of your studies you are taken onto a “journey” and you begin to see the world from a different angle. In this development I discovered myself and my capabilities. The program is indeed a journey of discoveries that open new possibilities and generate an experience that you’ll never forget. I strongly recommend for people who are still deciding: just go for an MBA at SBS... You’ll understand what I mean. Ekaterina Van Hussen Flex MBA
    • Peter Anetsberger Lifelong learning is an excellent opportunity for everyone. Studying at SBS gives me the possibility to combine my work experience with new theories of international business. This enables me to become a better global Manager in all fields and to take new challenges in the future.

      Peter Anetsberger Flex-MBA
    • Ron Egli The MBA education at SBS Swiss Business School gave me the opportunity to continue my career in another industry and position. Ron Egli Flex MBA

    • Course Date
      Human Resource Management February 15 – 17, 2019
      Operations and Project Management March 15 – 17, 2019
      Digital Marketing April 12 – 14, 2019
      Business Policy and Strategy May 17 – 19, 2019
      International Finance and Banking June 14 – 16, 2019
      Management Information Systems July 12 – 14, 2019
      Business Values & Ethics August 16 - 18, 2019
      International Law & Business September 13 – 15, 2019
      Financial Accounting and Theory October 18 – 20, 2019
      Marketing Management November 15 – 17, 2019
      Financial Management December 13 – 15, 2019
      Organizational Behavior and Leadership January 17 – 19, 2020
      Communication and Negotiation Skills February 14 – 16, 2020
      Managerial Accounting March 13 – 15, 2020
      Economics for Decision Makers April 17 – 19, 2020


      Thesis Submission Deadline Friday, January 11th at 17:00
      Thesis Defense Day Friday, January 25th
      Thesis Submission Deadline Friday, August 23rd at 17:00
      Thesis Defense Day Thursday & Friday, Sept. 5th & 6th

      Download Academic Calendar

    • Admission Requirements

      • Undergraduate degree (Bachelor) from a recognized university or equivalent
      • Successful completion of SBS Admissions Exam
      • GMAT score 550 or higher for applicants with an undergraduate degree from the USA (SBS Admissions Exam waived if applicable)
      • Fluency in English at a TOEFL IBT level of minimum 90 or IELTS of minimum 6.5 band score (if English is not native language)
      • Applicants who meet the English level requirement are exempted from the English skills part in the SBS Admissions Exam
      • Minimum of two years‘ work experience
      • Successful completion of a personal interview with our Academic Dean, either in person or by phone/Skype

      How to Apply?


      Applicants must provide the following documentation:

      Completed and duly signed application form
      Complete Curriculum Vitae indicating professional experiences
      Certified copy of bachelor’s degree
      Official academic transcripts
      A GMAT score of minimum 550(if applicable)
      Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or take the SBS Admissions Exam)
      Two reference letters (professional or academic)
      Non-refundable application fee of CHF 150.-
      One High-resolution picture (passport photo style) in .JPG, .PNG or .GIF format


      SBS Swiss Business School welcomes students who want to transfer from recognized educational institutions around the world. It is the responsibility of the student to have all official transcripts sent to the Admissions Office at SBS Swiss Business School. The admissions officer will decide on the transfer of credits based on the results of each subject. Credits can only be transferred for courses completed with grades of “B” or higher.

    • Course IDCourse Title
      FIN 510 Financial Management
      MKT 501Marketing Management
      ACC 501Financial Accounting and Theory
      MGT 535Organizational Behavior and Leadership
      COM 507Communication and Negotiation Skills
      ACC 500Managerial Accounting
      ECO 503Economics for Decision Makers
      MGT 631Human Resource Management
      MGT 501Operations and Project Management
      MKT 506Digital Marketing
      MGT 505Business Policy and Strategy
      FIN 530International Finance and Banking
      MIS 501Management Information Systems
      MGT 525Business Values and Ethics
      BUS 510International Law and Business
      THE755Independent Research Project
    • International Marketing

      This is an introductory course in International Marketing Management. It assumes full familiarity with the foundations of the marketing concepts and marketing management (notably the concept of marketing mix) at the level that they are normally taught in the introductory marketing course. We will adopt the point of view of the Marketing Manager, Product Manager or Brand Manager of a typical business organization, normally a Strategic Business Unit, which is engaged in the process of developing and managing a marketing program across national borders.

      The course will illustrate the added complexity deriving by the implementation of the marketing theory across different cultures, legislations and political environments, and will provide a systematic framework for designing marketing strategies and policies, with a focus on the development and execution of programs, audits, and plans. The scope is to develop skills in planning a variety of international marketing management tools, in organizing more effective international strategic marketing and in implementing the international market planning process.

      Management Information Systems

      The idea behind this module is to explore various different ways in which information technology relates to organisational objectives and goals in an organisational context, given the increasing inter­relationship between these two in today’s global world. The students will get a basic knowledge about information systems and their impact on business processes. This course examines the fundamental principles associated with the strategic adoption, implementation, use and evaluation of information systems in organisations. It discusses the significant managerial aspects of treating information as an organisational resource and its increasing impact on today’s organisation. The course will involve lectures, readings, cases and discussions. The course consists of two primary components: business informatics – the study of the emerging technologies and knowledge management in the context of business organisations and development informatics – a focus on the interplay between the diffusion, transfer and impact of the ICTs on resource poor environments and institutional elements that would shape it. These components embrace topics including Knowledge management; Electronic business; Mobile commerce; Social media and Web 2.0; ICTs for development; Technology and Gender; Technology and Society; and Health Information Technology. The course will examine the theoretical underpinnings of the competitive advantage of information systems, change management, information systems development process (the life cycle concept) and the practical and policy aspects of IS planning and IS strategies and ethical issues in information systems.

      International Law and Business

      At the dawn of the 21 st Century, nations are more economically integrated than at any other point in human history. This presents business leaders with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the opportunity to sell to global markets rather than a single national market increases the potential profitability of nearly every kind of business activity. Furthermore, the sharp differences among nations in wage rates and national resource endowments allow multinational firms to create value by locating different aspects of the value chain in those countries where they can be undertaken most efficiently. On the other hand, globalization increases the number and range of potential competitors in nearly every industry, and the challenges of effectively managing a multinational enterprise can be substantially greater than those confronting a firm largely based in a single country.

      Economics for Decision Makers

      The Economics for Decision Makers course will focus on providing business managers with a working understanding of the essential principles and tools of Managerial Economics, which is the application of microeconomics to management decisions. Topics include the theory and applications of consumer and firm behaviour, costs and production, market structure and pricing decisions, decision making under risk and uncertainty, and economic analysis of organisational structures and incentive mechanisms This course aims at developing a key understanding of microeconomics and its application to managerial decision making. In doing so, we will examine the conceptual tools for managerial decision making in the areas of determination of the optimum production level, pricing for profit maximization, and the choice of product mix under different market structures. In addition, we will study demand forecasting, decision making under information problems, long-term investment decisions, and the economics ideas behind efficient organizational structures

      Operations & Project Management

      As goods and services are produced and distributed they move through a set of interrelated operations and processes with the primary goal for the organizations to maximize their value to the customer. The design of these operations for achieving strategic advantage, improving and controlling them to meet the organization’s performance objectives is the domain of Operations Management. Successful organizations now routinely collect and analyze data in order produce forecasts that support informed decision making.

      This course is intended to provide managers in all functional areas with sufficient knowledge to make informed "total business decisions" and to introduce standard terms and concepts for communications with operating personnel. In such a course, it should be recognized that breadth of subject matter, not so much the depth of topic. We will often use cases for classroom discussion.

      Financial Accounting

      This course will enable students to develop understanding of financial accounting problems typical to corporate management. Through the use of terminology, exercises and case studies, students will be able to understand the relevant concepts of accrual based accounting. The course follows the textbook and the case of Starbucks is used to explain the concepts at a real world example. Homework will be assigned and class participation will be graded for each chapter.

      Marketing Management

      The course will address the subject of marketing and marketing management at a broad but comprehensive level. The initial phase will provide participants with an understanding of the nature and scope of modern marketing. The concept of knowledge based organisations and how to capture marketing insights will be covered. Customer relationships and interaction will be addressed. Branding will be studied. Development of marketing strategies and mix will be evaluated.

      International Business Finance

      Multinational finance can be thought as an extension of the domestic financial operations, as such there is no objective conflict between domestic and multinational finance. They are both concerned with how to make the best decision to maximize value for firms. The key concept is cash flow. The primary objective of the multinational corporation (MNC) is still the same primary objective of any firm: to maximize shareholder wealth.

      Policy & Strategy

      In this course, students will review the management process and how strategy fits into that process. Further, they will learn how to apply business principles and change management concepts in the strategy process. Theoretical models will be used to analyse textbook and real-world case studies. Upon completion of this course, students will have a deeper appreciation of the complexity and sophistication of management issues which have arisen due to the growth of international competition and the ways in which multinational corporations are evolving with globalization.

      Human Resource Management

      This course will enable students to develop short and long-range plans to effectively accomplish organizational goals. Through the use of terminology, exercises and case studies, students will be able to give a critical appraisal of real life situations involving organizing, staffing and motivating others. The student will also learn tools to aid in problem solving, valuing diversity and coping with change.

      Financial Management

      The purpose of this class is to make an interactive class with exchange of information and experiences or non-experiences. The focus of the course is on the corporate finance manager and how he/she reaches decisions as to capital investments, dividends and financing of all sorts. Throughout there is a strategic perspective. The course embraces both the “big picture” and rigorous financial analysis. Both lectures and case discussions will be used.

      Communication and Negotiation Skills

      This course will enable students to further develop their communication and negotiation skills for business purposes (“Functional Business Communication”). Through the use of relevant specialist literature, exercises, role plays and case studies, students will be able to recognize essential characteristics of a communication situation chose their own appropriate strategy and accordingly apply effective communication techniques. Students will also strengthen their cross-cultural awareness and critically consider ethical aspects in negotiations.

      Managerial Accounting

      The purpose of this course is to create a knowledge base from which students can develop organizational competence. It examines the relations between organizational performance and the behavior of individuals, groups and overall organizations. In the process, emphasis is given to the importance of interpersonal issues and to issues arising from technological, workplace diversity, leadership styles and globalization. 

      Business Values and Ethics

      It’s a course about the most prominent issues in ethics of economics and business ethics and the major positions and arguments on these issues. Different ethical approaches will be discussed and evaluated. This course aims to help students understand the main terminology of ethics. To help students apply ethical terms and analysing methods to issues of ethics in general, business ethics and to particular business cases.

    • Tuition fees at SBS Swiss Business School can be paid in full or in installments according to the payment plans below.

      We offer a 5% discount on full payment at the start of the program.

      Tuition Fees - Flex MBA Program

      Application fee (non-refundable) CHF 150.-
      Payment upon acceptance* CHF 3'500.-
      Fees per course (15 courses in total) CHF 1'900.-

      *Part of the program tuition fees. Only refundable in case of Student Visa rejection by the Swiss Immigration Authorities.

      • All fees include material and VAT, amounts are stated in the local currency of Swiss Francs (CHF).

    Program Manager

    • Karanfiloska Izabela

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