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Guest Speakers at SBS

Guest Speakers 2018

Date Speaker
February 12, 2018
Mr. Ardian Retkoceri
Mr. Ardian Retkoceri
Serial Entrepreneur
February 13, 2018
Ms. Margo McClimans
Ms. Margo McClimans
Executive Coach, Founder Coaching Without Borders GmbH
March 17, 2018
Mr. Jovan Dimitrov
Mr. Jovan Dimitrov
Founder of, Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist
March 18, 2018
Dr. Hugo Chan
Dr. Hugo Chan
Managing Partner, WE Digital Limited, WE Marketing Group
March 20, 2018
Mr. Tolis Dokianos
Mr. Tolis Dokianos
Video Marketing Professional, Owner Apex Video Marketing
June 15, 2018
Mr.  Casper van der Elst
Mr. Casper van der Elst
Associate Director at Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd.
July 13, 2018
Mr. Patrick Vergult
Mr. Patrick Vergult
Managing Director at Actemium Schweiz AG
October 24, 2018
Mr. Mike Werder
Mr. Mike Werder
MyHumanNature GmbH, Company Owner
December 14, 2018
Mr. Lorenzo Berenguer Jr. CIA, Exec. JD, ARM, CLMP
Mr. Lorenzo Berenguer Jr. CIA, Exec. JD, ARM, CLMP
Member at Disruption Disciples, Independent Insurance Consultant at RGP

Guest Speakers 2017

Date Speaker
February 22, 2017 
Dr. Dana Daneshvari
Ms. Dragana Atanasov, Manager
Nicoll Curtin (Recruitment Agency)
March 15, 2017 
Dr. Carl Olsen
Dr. Carl Olsen, Lecturer
SBS Swiss Business School
June 16, 2017 
Mr. Stephen Gardner
Mr. Stephen Gardner, Former Investor Relations Manager
Credit Suisse
July 18, 2017 
Mr. Menno Bart
Mr. Menno Bart, Public Affairs Specialist
The Adecco Group
July 19, 2017
Ms. Jana Stanisavljeva
Ms. Jana Stanisavljeva, Former CEO
Media Print Macedonia

August 18, 2017

Mr. Vincenzo Russo
Mr. Vincenzo Russo, IT Project Manager

September 22, 2017

Mr. Jean-Philippe Lechat
Mr. Jean-Philippe Lechat, Global Security Portfolio Services Manager
Siemens BT HQ

September 26, 2017

Mrs. Selina Man Karlsson
Mrs. Selina Man Karlsson
Founder of Curious Courses

October 4, 2017

Dr. Carl Olsen
Dr. Carl Olsen, Lecturer
SBS Swiss Business School

October 26, 2017

Mr. Pedro Iglesia Gonzalez
Mr. Pedro Iglesia Gonzalez, Product Manager Automotive EMEA
TE Connectivity

November 15, 2017

Mr. Jovan Dimitrov
Mr. Jovan Dimitrov
Founder of, Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist

November 17, 2017

Dr. Elias Noschis
Dr. Elias Noschis, Innovation Manager
SFC Koenig

Guest Speakers 2016

January 19, 2016Dr. Dana DaneshvariDr. Dana Daneshvari
Principal Scientist and Drug Product Technical Owner
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
Johnson & Johnson
March 2, 2016Guest Speaker Viktor JasanskyViktor Jasansky
Financial R&D Controller
Motors and Generators
ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri)
April 20, 2016Guest Speaker Tolis DokianosTolis Dokianos
International Marketing Expert
APEX Video Marketing
May 24, 2016 Guest Speaker Manuel Gomez RubioManuel Gomez Rubio, CFA
Managing Director
Horizon Asset Management
July 19, 2016 Guest Speaker James MacsayJames Macsay
Lead Consultant
Macsay & Associates
September 27, 2016 Guest Speaker Mike JonesMr. Mike Jones
Writer, Speaker and "Monger" of fine British Cheeses
The British Cheese Centre
November 18, 2016 Guest Speaker Sören JensenMr. Sören Jensen
Former General Manager (Xylem Inc.'s water treatment business in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa)
Xylem Inc.
November 22, 2016 Guest Speaker Vincenzo RussoMr. Vincenzo Russo
Former EMEA Senior Product Development Manager
November 23, 2016Mr. Carl OlsenMr. Carl Olsen
SBS Swiss Business School

Guest Speakers 2015

January, 2015Mr. Oliver EvansMr. Oliver Evans
Chief Cargo Officer
Executive Coach / CEO
Swiss WorldCargo
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
March 12, 2015Dr. Gisela ReichmuthDr. Gisela Reichmuth
Board Member
StartAngels Network
April 21, 2015Ms. Graziella SpizziMs. Graziella Spizzi
Managing Director
Fabrimex Systems AG
April 23, 2015Mr. Carlos ArochaMr. Carlos Arocha
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
MINT Forum Guest Speaker for Mexico
Arocha & Associates GmbH
April 23, 2015Mr. Rizky SaputraMr. Rizky Saputra
Hospitality Management Student
MINT Forum Guest Speaker for Indonesia
Cesar Ritz Colleges
April 23, 2015Mr. Dapo OyewoleMr. Dapo Oyewole
Special Advisor
MINT Forum Guest Speaker for Nigeria
Ministry of Finance
April 23, 2015Mr. Yasin CakmakMr. Yasin Cakmak
Assoc. Finance Manager in Marketing and Business Services
MINT Forum Guest Speaker for Turkey
September 15, 2015Mr. Richard ErnstMr. Richard Ernst
Sandberg & Partners
October 20, 2015Ms. Sophie Pascal MüllerMs. Sophie Pascal Müller
Event and Volunteer Coordinator
Terre des Hommes
October 20, 2015Mr. Martin MorandMr. Martin Morand
Ebola Crisis Desk
Terre des Hommes
November 17, 2015Ms. Beatrice Diethelm, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMs. Beatrice Diethelm
Lascaux Foundation

Guest Speakers 2014

January 21, 2014Mr. Christoph Epprecht Mr. Christoph Epprecht
EMCC President for Switzerland
Executive Coach / CEO
European Mentoring & Coaching Council
February 14, 2014Mr. Dario BrunoMr. Dario Bruno
Managing Director
Switzerland & Angola
Tomé International
March 14, 2014Ms. Elena StancatoMs. Elena Stancato, lic. Iur.
Arbitration Court Zurich
Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution
March 14, 2014Mr. Michael FischerMr. Michael Fischer
Arbitration Court Zurich
Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution
April 11, 2014Mr. German RamirezMr. German Ramirez
Founder & Managing Partner
Spark & Strategy
May 16, 2014Mr. Tashi Gelek, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMr. Tashi Gelek
Head of Sales ComSys Asia
Phonak Communications AG
May 20, 2014Ms. Beatrice Diethelm, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMs. Beatrice Diethelm
Lascaux Foundation
June 20, 2014Mr. Jesper Egebjerg, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMr. Jesper Egebjerg
Beta Re GmbH
July 22, 2014Ms. Linda Pichler, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMs. Linda Pichler
Linda Pichler Consulting
August 15, 2014Mr. Khaldoun Dia – Eddine, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMr. Khaldoun Dia – Eddine
Lecturer of Islamic Banking
September 19, 2014Mr. Oliver Bertschinger, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMr. Oliver Bertschinger
Regional Director Europe
Switzerland Global Enterprise
(previously OSEC)
September 23, 2014Mr. Jean-Christophe Lamodiere, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMr. Jean-Christophe Lamodiere
Business Development Manager
Kistler Instrumente AG
October 19, 2014Mr. Rajesh Tiwari, Guest Speaker @ SBS Swiss Business SchoolMr. Rajesh Tiwari
Head of Global Product Management and R&D
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland


Guest Speakers 2013

January 18th, 2013Mr. Carl OlsenMr. Carl Olsen
SBS Swiss Business School
February 15th, 2013Mrs. Olga MilerMr. Peter Elmer
Heinz Kaiser AG
February 19th, 2013Mr. Mike FontanaMr. Mike Fontana
British Cheese Center
March 15th, 2013Prof. Rolf JakobiProf. Rolf Jakobi
Steinbeis Transfer Centre CER
April 19th, 2013Mr. Himanshu TrivediMr. Himanshu Trivedi
Group Vice President
ABB Management Services
April 23rd, 2013Ms. Sacha GeierMs. Sacha Geier
May 17th, 2013Ms. Michele GalenMs. Michele Galen
Head of Communications
June 18th, 2013Dr. Heinrich FurrerDr. Heinrich Furrer
SBS Swiss Business School
July 19th, 2013Mr. Karim Al-JamilMr. Karim Al-Jamil
Head of Social Media
Zurich Insurance Group
August 16th, 2013Mr. David SchäferMr. David Schäfer
September 20th, 2013Mr. Tobias MengisMr. Tobias Mengis
Country Manager
October 18th, 2013Mr. Roger MüllerMr. Roger Müller
Dir, Adv
October 22nd, 2013Dr. Rudi PauwelsDr. Rudi Pauwels
Founder and Executive Chairman
Biocartis SA
November 15th, 2013Mr. Mike FontanaMr. Mike Fontana
British Cheese Center
December 20th, 2013No picture availableMs. Jessica WagnerIMA Switzerland


Guest Speakers 2012

January 20th, 2012Mr. Jean-Marc HenschMr. Jean-Marc Hensch,
The Energy Policy in the Post-Fukushima Era
February 17th, 2012Mrs. Olga MilerMrs. Olga Miler.
Executive Director, UBS AG Optimus Foundation
Sustainability and Business Opportunities
March 16th, 2012Mr. Ruedi RohrbachMr. Ruedi Rohrbach,
CEO Swiss Gas
Company Presentation Swiss Gas
April 20th, 2012Ms. Eva HelmethMs. Eva Helmeth,
Head of Sales and Consulting, Mobility International
Mobility Car Sharing International
May 18th, 2012Mr. Tobias MengisMr. Tobias Mengis,
Country Manager Experteer
Head Hunting
June 15th, 2012Dr. Tobias UrsprungDr. Tobias Ursprung,
Partner, CAPVIS Equity Partners
Company Presentation
July 20th, 2012Mr. Marco QuarantaMr. Marco Quaranta,
CEO, Wirsol (Switzerland) AG
Company Presentation
August 17th, 2012Mr. Patrick VergultMr. Patrick Vergult,
Owner, Venture Europe
September 21st, 2012Mr. Gerard van KesterenMr. Gerard van Kesteren,
CFO, Kühne & Nagel (Schweiz) AG
The Strong Swiss Franc vs. the Export
October 19th, 2012Philipp SennMr. Philipp Senn,
Project Manager, Nagra
Company Presentation Nagra
November 16th, 2012Mr. Alexander DuphronMr. Alexander Duphron,
CEO, Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG
The Swiss Media
December 14th, 2012Mrs. Winette KrommendijkMrs. Winette Krommendijk,
CFO, Danone AG
Company Presentation Danone


Guest Speakers 2011

Date Speaker Topic
February 25th,
Dr. Rolf HartlDr. Rolf Hartl,
President of Erdölvereinigung
Future of Oil and Alternatives
March 25th,
Mr. Martin NavilleMr. Martin Naville,
CEO of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
Swiss Business Relationship, back to business?
April 15th,
Dr. Michael ReitererDr. Michael Reiterer,
Botschafter, Delegation der Europäischen Union für die Schweiz und das Fürstentum Liechtenstein
The EU´s Present Economic and Political Challenges
May 20th,
Mr. Max GurtnerMr. Max Gurtner,
Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation at SRG SSR (Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft)
The Changing World of the Media
August 19th,
Mr. Claus WalterMr. Claus Walter,
CEO of CforC
Burnout, also for me ?
September 17th,
Mrs. Giselle RuferMrs. Giselle Rufer,
Founder of Delance Swiss Watches S.A.
Main Graduation Speaker
October 21st,
Mr. Christian LuediMr. Christian Lüdi
Social Media Manager
SWISS International Airlines
Customer Relationships via Social Media - the Practical Example of SWISS
December 16th,
Mr. Urs WinklerMr. Urs Winkler,
Executive Director of World Vision Switzerland
Building a Better World for Children

Guest Speakers 2010

Date Speaker Topic
January 15th,
Mr. Zoltan NagyMr Zoltan Nagy,
CMO, FemtoTools GmbH
Company Presentation
March 19th,
Mr. Peter ErnstMr. Peter Ernst,
Sulzer Metco
SUMEBore Technology
September 18th,
Dr. Armen DarbinyanDr. Armen Darbinyan,
former prime minister of Armenia and since 2001, rector of the Russian-Armenian State University
Graduation Speech
November 26th,
Urs MeisterMr. Urs Meister,
Project Manager and Member of the Management at Avenir Suisse
Liberalization of Markets (Electricity or Telekom)
December 17th,
Josef DürrMr. Josef Dürr,
VSE  - Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen
Problems and Future of Electricity

Guest Speakers 2009

Date Speaker Topic
January 16th,
Mr. Sven ThaliMr Sven Thali,
Alternative Bank ABS, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung
Ethics and Finance
 April 17th,
Ms. Gabi Hildesheimer & Mr. Daniel Straub
Öbu - Netzwerk für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften
Das ökologisch und sozial nachhaltige Verhalten von Unternehmen
September 19th,

Dr. Stephen GardnerMr. Stephen Gardner,
Director of Investor Relations, Credit Suisse

Graduation Speech

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